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Which brand would you suggest?

It really depends on what you are looking for. The King of Spirits GOLD has the traditional formulation including the 100mg of thujone, thus ensuring you get the full effects of absinthe. However, it is more bitter. The Staroplezenecky and Red Absinthe's have a less bitter, more moderate taste but only have 10mg of thujone in them.

How long does it take to receive my order

Normally, it takes 2-3 business days to process an order after which it takes between 1-3 weeks to arrive depending on your location. On average, most orders arrive in 2 weeks after placement.

Is absinthe legal?

It depends on where you are located. Absinthe is legal to own and purchase within the US but not to sell. In Canada, Spain and the Czech Republic, it is completely legal while Switzerland still bans absinthe and other wormwood containing products completely

Is absinthe safe?

Absinthe is no more dangerous than any other highly alcoholic drink. The wormwood content in absinthe is so low that an individual would face alcohol poisoning first before having difficulties from the wormwood

What is louching?

It is the effect that occurs when water is added to absinthe. Absinthe, normally greenish in colour turns a milky white as water is added. Do note that amount of louching that occurs depends on the amount of star anise in the product

I saw Johnny Depp in From Hell. How do I take absinthe that way?

In the famous scene, an absinthe spoon and a glass of absinthe is used. The experience can be copied by dipping your sugar cube in the absinthe, setting it alight and letting the sugar drip into the absinthe through the specially constructed vents in the absinthe spoon.

Is this site safe?

Definintely. Whenever any personal information is transmitted, all information is placed on an SSL server and encrypted before transmission. Information stored on our servers are also encrypted.

It keeps on rejecting my card

Try checking the billing information you have provided. It should be the same as on your statement. Otherwise, double-check that all other information provided is correct. If your card is still being declined, check that you have sufficient funds.

You charged me twice!

Occasionally, when an order is double-clicked, two authorisations may appear. Also, if you have an AVS mismatch (billing information mismatching), an authorisation on your card will also be requested. This authorisation will hold for 24-48 business hours before dropping off.

How long does it take for my bottle to arrive?

That depends on where you are located in relation to the distillery in the Czech Republic. On average, bottles arrive in 2-3 weeks after shipping.

I don't have a credit card. Can I still order?

Yes. Just process your order as you would normally and change the payment method from credit card to money order. Instructions on where to send the money order will then be given

What is your return Policy?

Please follow this link to learn more about our return policy.

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  King of Spirits
King of Spirits
  King of Spirits GOLD
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